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The Western Asset Short Duration Income ETF (WINC) is a specialized exchange-traded fund designed to focus on broad credit fixed income securities. Launched by Franklin Templeton on February 7, 2019, WINC is actively managed to invest primarily in USD-denominated short-term corporate debt securities issued by entities based in the United States or abroad. This investment strategy aims to provide investors with a diversified portfolio of high-quality fixed income instruments, offering potential income generation while managing interest rate risk through a focus on shorter maturities.

WINC's portfolio management approach reflects Western Asset's expertise in credit research and fixed income investing. The fund's investment team employs rigorous credit analysis and risk management techniques to identify opportunities across global markets, seeking to optimize yield potential while preserving capital. By focusing on short-duration securities, WINC aims to offer investors a defensive posture against interest rate fluctuations and potential market volatility.

Franklin Templeton, the issuer of WINC, is a globally recognized investment management firm with a legacy of delivering innovative investment solutions. With a commitment to investor success and long-term financial stewardship, Franklin Templeton leverages its extensive research capabilities and global presence to provide investors with access to a diverse range of investment strategies. WINC exemplifies Franklin Templeton's dedication to offering transparent and efficient investment vehicles designed to meet the evolving needs of investors seeking income and capital preservation.

Beyond its focus on short-duration fixed income, WINC underscores Franklin Templeton's broader mission to provide comprehensive investment solutions across asset classes. By offering actively managed ETFs like WINC, Franklin Templeton aims to empower investors with opportunities to achieve their financial goals through disciplined investment strategies that emphasize risk-adjusted returns and prudent portfolio management practices.


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