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USOI - Credit Suisse X-Links Crude Oil Shares Covered Call ETNs

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The Credit Suisse X-Links Crude Oil Shares Covered Call ETNs (USOI) represent a distinct category of exchange-traded notes specializing in investments in crude oil commodities. Launched by ETRACS on April 25, 2017, USOI operates by offering investors exposure to a covered call strategy based on a front-month oil futures ETF. This strategy allows investors to potentially benefit from both the price appreciation of crude oil commodities and income generated from the sale of call options.

USOI's investment approach involves systematically selling call options on the underlying crude oil futures ETF, thereby generating additional income in the form of premiums. This strategy is designed to enhance overall returns and mitigate the volatility typically associated with commodities such as crude oil. By actively managing its covered call strategy, USOI aims to provide investors with a unique combination of potential capital appreciation and income generation.

ETRACS, the issuer of USOI, is recognized for its innovation in structured products and commitment to delivering tailored investment solutions. With a focus on providing efficient access to commodity markets through ETNs, ETRACS leverages its expertise in derivatives and options trading to develop products that align with investor objectives and market dynamics. USOI exemplifies ETRACS' dedication to offering innovative investment opportunities that cater to the evolving needs of institutional and individual investors seeking exposure to commodities and income-generating strategies.

Beyond its specific focus on crude oil commodities and covered call strategies, USOI underscores ETRACS' broader mission to empower investors with access to diversified investment opportunities. By offering USOI and other structured ETNs, ETRACS aims to enhance investor outcomes through strategic portfolio diversification and robust risk management practices, reinforcing its role as a leader in structured investment solutions.


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