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IJAN - Innovator International Developed Power Buffer ETF - January

Expense Ratio: 0.85%

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The Innovator International Developed Power Buffer ETF - January (IJAN) is an exchange-traded fund focusing primarily on total market equity investments. Launched on January 2, 2020, IJAN aims to provide investors with exposure to the performance of the MSCI EAFE Index while implementing specific strategies to mitigate downside risk and cap potential gains over a defined holding period. The fund employs an actively-managed approach that includes the use of options and collateral to achieve its investment objectives.

IJAN's investment strategy revolves around offering investors a buffered exposure to international developed market equities, emphasizing capital protection through structured options strategies. By targeting predefined levels of downside protection and upside potential, the ETF seeks to provide a balance between risk management and opportunity for growth within the MSCI EAFE Index.

Innovator, the issuer of IJAN, specializes in developing innovative ETF solutions that cater to specific investor needs and market conditions. IJAN exemplifies Innovator's commitment to delivering risk-managed investment products designed to optimize returns while protecting against market volatility and uncertainty in international developed markets.

Investing in IJAN allows market participants to benefit from Innovator's expertise in structured ETFs that blend equity exposure with risk mitigation strategies. The fund's active management and focus on buffered losses and capped gains provide investors with a strategic tool to navigate global equity markets, aligning with their risk tolerance and investment objectives in an evolving economic landscape.


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