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HYDB - iShares High Yield Bond Factor ETF

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The iShares High Yield Systematic Bond ETF (HYDB) operates as an exchange-traded fund specializing in high yield fixed income investments. With a strategic focus on a broad-maturity, multifactor index of high-yield bonds, HYDB employs a systematic approach to bond selection and weighting. The index methodology evaluates bonds based on factors including default probability, default-adjusted spreads, and volatility, aiming to construct a portfolio that optimizes risk-adjusted returns within the high yield bond universe.

Launched on July 11, 2017, by BlackRock, HYDB exemplifies the firm's commitment to innovation in ETFs, providing investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio of high yield bonds through a transparent and cost-effective investment vehicle. BlackRock's extensive expertise in asset management informs HYDB's investment strategy, which combines rigorous quantitative analysis with active management techniques to enhance portfolio performance across varying market conditions.

Investors in HYDB benefit from BlackRock's robust risk management framework and comprehensive research capabilities tailored to the high yield bond market. The ETF's systematic approach to bond selection aims to capture factors that influence bond performance, including credit quality metrics and market volatility, thereby offering potential for attractive yields while managing inherent risks. HYDB's index-driven methodology ensures a disciplined investment process, aligning with investor objectives for income generation and portfolio diversification.

BlackRock's introduction of HYDB underscores its leadership in ETF innovation and commitment to meeting investor demand for specialized fixed income solutions. As a core component of BlackRock's ETF lineup, HYDB reflects the firm's dedication to delivering investment products that leverage sophisticated quantitative models to enhance investor outcomes. Positioned at the intersection of quantitative investing and high yield bonds, HYDB serves as a strategic tool for investors seeking to navigate the complexities of the fixed income market while optimizing risk-adjusted returns.


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