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GLOV - Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta(R) World Low Vol Plus Equity ETF

Expense Ratio: 0.25%

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The GLOV - GS Activebeta World Low Vol Plus Equity ETF has demonstrated stable financial performance over the past year. As of the latest financial quarter, the fund has seen a modest yet consistent growth in its net asset value (NAV), reflecting its strategy of targeting low volatility stocks globally. The ETF has a competitive expense ratio, ensuring that operational costs are kept low, thereby maximizing returns for investors. Dividends have been distributed quarterly, with a yield that remains attractive compared to similar funds in the market.

In terms of activities, the GLOV ETF has maintained a diversified portfolio, spreading its inwestments across various sectors and geographical regions to mitigate risks and capitalize on global market opportunities. The fund’s strategy focuses on leveraging the ActiveBeta methodology, which combines factors like value, momentum, quality, and low volatility to select stocks. This approach has helped the ETF to perform well during market downturns by reducing exposure to high-risk assets, thus safeguarding investors' capital.

Investor interest in GLOV has been steady, with a significant increase in both retail and insitutional investments. The ETF’s transparency in operations and regular updates have strengthened investor confidence. Additionally, the fund's commitment to integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into its investment decisions has attracted socially conscious investors. Overall, the GLOV ETF continues to be a reliable option for those seeking low-volatility equity exposure with a balanced risk-reward profile.


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