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Empire Petroleum Corporation, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is actively involved in the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas assets across strategic locations including Louisiana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Montana, and Texas. Since its inception in 1983, the company has been instrumental in harnessing natural resources to meet energy demands while adhering to stringent environmental and regulatory standards.

Formerly known as Americomm Resources Corporation, Empire Petroleum Corporation rebranded in August 2001 to reflect its expanded focus and commitment to advancing energy exploration and production capabilities. The company leverages its extensive geological expertise and technological innovation to identify and exploit high-potential oil and gas reserves, contributing to energy security and economic growth.

Empire Petroleum Corporation operates with a steadfast dedication to sustainable resource management and operational excellence. By integrating state-of-the-art drilling technologies and industry best practices, the company aims to optimize production efficiency and minimize environmental impact throughout its operations. This approach underscores Empire Petroleum Corporation's role as a responsible steward of natural resources.

Led by a seasoned management team with decades of collective experience in the energy sector, Empire Petroleum Corporation continues to expand its footprint and pursue growth opportunities in dynamic oil and gas markets. The company's strategic acquisitions and partnerships bolster its position as a leader in energy exploration and production, driving value creation for shareholders and stakeholders alike in the evolving global energy landscape.

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