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DURA - VanEck Morningstar Durable Dividend ETF

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The VanEck Durable High Dividend ETF (DURA) is a specialized exchange-traded fund ("ETF") designed to replicate the performance of the Morningstar US Dividend Valuation index. Launched on October 30, 2018, DURA is issued by VanEck and focuses on tracking a dividend-weighted index composed of US companies meticulously screened for their dividend yield, financial stability, and valuation metrics. This strategic emphasis aims to provide investors with exposure to high-quality dividend-paying stocks that demonstrate robust financial health and attractive valuation profiles.

DURA's investment strategy employs rigorous screening criteria to select constituents from the US equity market, emphasizing companies with sustainable dividend policies and sound financial fundamentals. VanEck's approach integrates comprehensive research methodologies to identify stocks poised for long-term dividend growth and capital appreciation potential. The ETF's dividend-weighted index methodology ensures that companies with higher dividend yields exert a proportionate influence on DURA's overall portfolio performance.

VanEck's issuance of DURA underscores its commitment to offering targeted investment solutions that cater to investor preferences for income generation and capital preservation. The ETF's focus on dividend yield, financial health, and valuation aligns with VanEck's expertise in thematic investing and quantitative analysis, aiming to deliver consistent returns amid varying market conditions. DURA's portfolio diversification across sectors and market caps enhances its utility as a core holding within investor portfolios seeking income stability and long-term growth.

Through DURA, VanEck aims to provide investors with a transparent and efficient vehicle for accessing high-dividend-yield equities in the US market. The ETF's adherence to VanEck's principles of risk management, liquidity, and investor education reinforces its appeal as a strategic investment choice within the competitive landscape of dividend-focused ETFs. By leveraging VanEck's robust research capabilities and market insights, DURA seeks to deliver sustainable value and income generation opportunities to its investors.


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