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Alpha Metallurgical Resources, Inc., headquartered in Bristol, Tennessee, is a leading mining company specializing in the production, processing, and distribution of metallurgical and thermal coal. Originally founded as Contura Energy, Inc. and rebranded in February 2021, Alpha Metallurgical Resources operates primarily in Virginia and West Virginia, regions renowned for their rich coal reserves and mining heritage.

The company's operational portfolio includes twenty active mines and eight coal preparation and load-out facilities as of December 31, 2021. These facilities are strategically positioned to optimize production efficiency and ensure timely delivery of coal products to domestic and international markets. Alpha Metallurgical Resources remains committed to maintaining high standards of environmental stewardship and operational safety across all its mining operations.

Alpha Metallurgical Resources distinguishes itself through its steadfast adherence to sustainable mining practices and responsible resource management. The company leverages advanced technologies and industry expertise to enhance productivity while minimizing environmental impact. This commitment underscores Alpha Metallurgical Resources' dedication to meeting the evolving energy needs of global markets in a responsible and sustainable manner.

With a legacy of excellence in the mining industry, Alpha Metallurgical Resources continues to expand its market presence and explore opportunities for growth and diversification. By fostering strong partnerships and investing in innovation, the company remains poised to navigate market dynamics and capitalize on emerging trends in the energy sector. Through strategic initiatives and operational excellence, Alpha Metallurgical Resources aims to deliver long-term value to its stakeholders while upholding its commitment to operational integrity and community engagement.

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