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PSMD - Pacer Swan SOS Moderate (January) ETF

Expense Ratio: 0.6%

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The Pacer Swan SOS Moderate (January) ETF (PSMD) stands out as an actively managed exchange-traded fund specializing in large cap equity investments. Launched on December 22, 2020, PSMD is issued by Pacer, a distinguished financial services firm known for its innovative investment strategies and commitment to delivering value to investors.

PSMD is designed to achieve specific objectives related to buffered losses and capped gains on the SPDR S&P 500 ETF over a designated holding period. This strategic approach involves the active management of options and collateral, aimed at mitigating potential downside risks while seeking to capture potential market gains within defined parameters.

Managed by Pacer's team of seasoned investment professionals, PSMD utilizes advanced quantitative models and rigorous fundamental analysis to guide its investment decisions. The ETF's methodology includes ongoing portfolio adjustments and rebalancing to adapt to changing market conditions and optimize performance relative to its stated goals.

Investors in PSMD benefit from Pacer's robust expertise in financial markets and its proactive approach to managing investments. The ETF's launch underscores Pacer's commitment to providing investors with access to innovative investment solutions that blend risk management with potential for returns in a dynamic market environment.


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