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The First Trust Alerian Disruptive Technology Real Estate ETF (DTRE) operates as an exchange-traded fund predominantly investing in real estate equity. Launched on October 3, 2022, by First Trust Advisors, DTRE tracks an index comprising real estate stocks essential to supporting wired and wireless communication, data infrastructure, warehouses, and fulfillment centers. The selection and weighting of securities within the ETF's portfolio are determined based on their three-month average trading values, reflecting a dynamic approach to capturing the performance of disruptive technology trends within the real estate sector.

DTRE's investment strategy focuses on identifying and investing in real estate companies positioned at the intersection of technological innovation and property development. By targeting sectors critical to modern infrastructure demands, such as data centers and logistics hubs, the ETF aims to capitalize on evolving consumer and business preferences driving demand for advanced communication networks and efficient distribution facilities. DTRE's portfolio management approach integrates quantitative analysis to optimize sector exposure and enhance portfolio performance.

First Trust Advisors employs robust research methodologies to oversee DTRE's investment strategy, emphasizing comprehensive sector analysis and trend identification within disruptive technology and real estate markets. The ETF's inclusion of companies supporting critical infrastructure underscores its role as a specialized investment vehicle tailored to capturing growth opportunities arising from technological advancements reshaping the real estate landscape. DTRE's strategic focus on high-growth sectors reflects First Trust's commitment to delivering innovative investment solutions that meet investor demands for diversified exposure and potential long-term capital appreciation.

As part of First Trust's comprehensive suite of ETF offerings, DTRE exemplifies the firm's dedication to providing strategic investment tools aligned with evolving market dynamics and investor preferences. With its launch, DTRE has positioned itself as a pivotal investment vehicle for investors seeking exposure to disruptive technology trends within the real estate sector. Through its proactive management and thematic focus, DTRE aims to deliver enhanced investment outcomes while navigating the complex interplay between technology innovation and property market dynamics.


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