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DSMC - Distillate Small/Mid Cash Flow ETF

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The Distillate Small/Mid Cash Flow ETF (DSMC) operates as an actively managed exchange-traded fund focused on investing primarily in extended market equity. Launched on October 5, 2022, by Distillate Capital Partners, DSMC functions as a portfolio comprising U.S. mid- and small-cap stocks selected based on their free cash flow yield. This investment strategy aims to identify companies demonstrating strong cash flow generation relative to their market capitalization, highlighting potential opportunities for sustainable growth and value creation.

DSMC's approach to portfolio management emphasizes active selection of stocks poised to deliver robust cash flow performance within the small and mid-cap segments of the U.S. equity market. By targeting companies with favorable free cash flow metrics, the ETF seeks to capitalize on intrinsic value opportunities while mitigating risks associated with market volatility and economic cycles. DSMC's active management strategy includes ongoing evaluation and adjustment of its holdings to optimize returns and manage sector-specific dynamics.

Distillate Capital Partners employs a rigorous research-driven approach to oversee DSMC's investment strategy, focusing on fundamental analysis and financial metrics to identify promising investment opportunities. The ETF's portfolio composition reflects Distillate's commitment to delivering superior risk-adjusted returns by emphasizing cash flow sustainability and capital efficiency. DSMC's inclusion of extended market equities underscores its role as a specialized investment vehicle tailored to investors seeking exposure to small- and mid-cap stocks with strong cash flow fundamentals.

As part of Distillate Capital Partners' suite of ETF offerings, DSMC exemplifies the firm's dedication to providing differentiated investment solutions that align with investor objectives for long-term growth and income generation. With its launch, DSMC has positioned itself as a strategic tool for investors looking to access extended market equities while benefiting from Distillate's expertise in active portfolio management and value-focused investment strategies. Through its disciplined approach and focus on cash flow dynamics, DSMC aims to deliver sustainable performance and value creation in the competitive landscape of U.S. small- and mid-cap equities.


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