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BSCR - Invesco BulletShares 2027 Corporate Bond ETF

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The Invesco BulletShares 2027 Corporate Bond ETF (BSCR) represents an exchange-traded fund specializing in investment grade fixed income securities. Its primary objective is to mirror the performance of an index composed of USD-denominated corporate bonds rated as investment grade and maturing in 2027. This ETF provides investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio of bonds issued by companies across various sectors, aiming to minimize credit risk through stringent selection criteria based on credit quality and maturity profile.

BSCR distinguishes itself by its structured maturity approach, whereby the fund is designed to mature and unwind in December 2027. This feature aligns with the ETF's "bullet maturity" concept, ensuring that as bonds within the portfolio approach maturity, they are redeemed, and proceeds are distributed to shareholders. This approach appeals to investors seeking a predictable investment horizon and clarity on the return of capital, thereby enhancing portfolio management strategies focused on income generation and risk mitigation.

Invesco, the issuer of BSCR, is a globally recognized leader in investment management, renowned for its expertise in fixed income strategies and ETF solutions. The firm's commitment to innovation and client-centric approach underpins BSCR's management strategy, emphasizing transparency, liquidity, and efficient portfolio management. Invesco leverages its extensive research capabilities and market insights to construct BSCR's portfolio, aiming to optimize risk-adjusted returns relative to its benchmark index.

Investors considering BSCR benefit from Invesco's robust portfolio management framework, which integrates comprehensive risk management practices and a disciplined investment process. The ETF's investment mandate aligns with Invesco's broader objective of providing tailored investment solutions across asset classes, catering to diverse investor needs and preferences. With its focus on fixed income securities maturing in 2027, BSCR offers a strategic avenue for investors seeking exposure to investment grade corporate bonds with a defined maturity date, supported by Invesco's longstanding commitment to delivering value and stability in the ETF market.


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