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ARP - Pmv Adaptive Risk Parity ETF

Expense Ratio: 1.38%

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The PMV Adaptive Risk Parity ETF (ARP) operates as an actively managed exchange-traded fund that distinguishes itself through a strategic focus on global macro alternatives. Launched on December 21, 2022, by PMV Asset Management, ARP aims to deliver optimal risk-adjusted returns by employing a dynamic asset allocation strategy. The fund-of-funds structure enables ARP to allocate across a diverse range of asset classes, including global equities, fixed-income securities, commodities, and currencies, with allocations determined by principles of risk parity.

ARP's investment approach centers on adapting its portfolio allocations in response to changing market conditions and macroeconomic trends. This adaptive strategy seeks to balance risk exposure across its holdings, aiming to enhance portfolio stability and mitigate downside risk while capitalizing on opportunities for growth. By actively managing allocations based on prevailing market dynamics, ARP endeavors to optimize returns across various market cycles.

PMV Asset Management's rigorous research and quantitative modeling underpin ARP's investment decisions, enabling the fund to systematically allocate assets in accordance with risk parity principles. This disciplined approach not only seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns but also aligns with PMV's commitment to delivering consistent performance and managing volatility effectively for investors.

As part of PMV's suite of ETF offerings, ARP represents a sophisticated investment vehicle catering to investors seeking diversified exposure to global macroeconomic trends through a risk-balanced framework. With its launch, ARP has positioned itself as a strategic option within the ETF landscape, appealing to those looking to navigate uncertain market environments while maintaining a disciplined approach to asset allocation and risk management.


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