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ADFI - Anfield Dynamic Fixed Income ETF

Expense Ratio: 1.75%

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The Anfield Dynamic Fixed Income ETF (ADFI) is an exchange-traded fund primarily focused on broad credit fixed income investments. Launched on August 18, 2020, ADFI aims to achieve total return by actively managing a diverse portfolio of fixed income ETFs. The fund's strategy leverages broad flexibility to invest in various types of fixed income securities and sectors worldwide, allowing it to adapt to changing market conditions and capitalize on global opportunities.

ADFI employs a dynamic investment approach, incorporating a wide range of fixed income securities including corporate bonds, government securities, and emerging market debt. This strategy is designed to optimize the fund's performance across different market environments by adjusting the asset allocation based on rigorous analysis of macroeconomic trends, interest rate movements, and credit spreads. The active management of the fund allows it to strategically navigate market volatility and enhance returns for investors.

Anfield Capital Management, the issuer of ADFI, is a distinguished investment firm known for its expertise in fixed income strategies and commitment to delivering superior performance. The firm's investment philosophy emphasizes flexibility, risk management, and in-depth research, aiming to provide investors with a balanced approach to fixed income investing. Anfield Capital Management's experienced team of portfolio managers employs a comprehensive analytical framework to identify attractive investment opportunities and construct a resilient portfolio.

The Anfield Dynamic Fixed Income ETF benefits from the firm's extensive knowledge and experience in managing fixed income assets. The fund's ability to invest across a broad spectrum of fixed income sectors and securities globally positions it to capture diverse income streams and mitigate risks associated with interest rate fluctuations and credit quality changes. This comprehensive approach, combined with Anfield Capital Management's active management expertise, makes ADFI a compelling choice for investors seeking a diversified and dynamic fixed income investment solution.


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