Creating Stock Symbols Lists

The starting point of using Stock Predictor is specifying which stocks or indices you would like to analyze. Stock Predictor allows you to manage groups of stocks in a simple format: symbol list file. A typical symbol list file opened in notepad may look as following

There are several ways to create a symbol list file. First you may choose "Edit" - > "Add Ticker" from the top menu or simply click on icon. A dialog shown below will appear. 
 Enter a stock symbol and click "Ok". Added symbol will appear on the left tab under "Companies". Now you will be asked to download historical data for it. Click "Ok". Once the download is finished you will be able to view daily chart of your selected company by selecting "Daily Chart" tab.

You may also use a simple text editor such as Notepad to create ticker list file. Just type in tickers one by one in any simple text editor separating them by "return" key, e.g. and save it. Then select "File" -> "Open" from the top menu or click on icon on the toolbar. Select the ticker list file and all symbols will be displayed under "Companies" tab in Stock Predictor.

To save tickers currently displayed under "Companies" tab you may simply choose "File" - > "Save" or click icon on the toolbar. Saving symbols will store them in a file for a future use, so that a group of symbols can be opened as a file.

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