Manual Trading Strategies Performance

Stock Predictor allows you to test manual strategy performance results. In other words you may backtest your investment strategy by going back in time and placing "Buys" and "Sells" over some time period. Just hold the left mouse button down on the chart and move it to the day you want to place a "Buy" or a "Sell". Use an appropriate button on the toolbar to place a transaction for a "Buy" or for a "Sell" order. Hold left mouse button down on the chart and move it to select a correct date. Under "Trading History" tab you will see a report of the transactions over the selected time period as shown in an example below:
Summarize Gain means that each time you invest a fixed amount of money in the stock, $10000 in the above example. Cumulative Gain means that the money are reinvested each time. The "Statistics" panel will allow you to set trading dates range, commission, starting amount and will display total cumulative or summarized performance compared to the "Buy & Hold" strategy, i.e. when you bought the stock on the starting date and sold it on the ending date or the trading dates range.

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