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Can not open license key (Windows Vista)

Windows 10 Users - please see this manual

Some users may experience a problem of opening license key for the purchased products. This is due to the increased security settings in Microsoft Mail. A screenshot below shows a typical problem when attached license key file is "grayed out" and is not clickable.

In order to successfully apply the key the user has to modify Microsoft Mail settings. This can be done by going to "Tools" -> "Options" , then clicking on "Security" tab and removing the checkmark against "Do not allow attachments that potentially can be a virus to be saved or opened". 

Once the checkmark is cleared you have to click "Apply" to save the settings and close Microsoft Mail. The next time you start Microsoft Mail and highlight registration email you will be able to apply license.key as described in the registration email.

The following two screenshots will appear when you successfully open license key in Windows Mail.

Click "Open" button.

Click "Yes" button. A confirmation dialog will appear informing you that registration entries have been successfully entered in the registry. Now you may run the software and all evaluation restrictions will be removed.



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