Stock Trading Strategies

Stock Predictor comes with dozens of predefines stock trading strategies. Basically these are set of rules that define and entry and exit points in the stock. These rules are pure mathematical and are based on historical data sets. A few strategies descriptions are provided below. The following links explain in details how buy and sell signals are generated:

Single Moving Averages Trend
Composite Moving Averages Trend
Channel Breakout
Relative Strength Index
Relative Strength with Retrace
Relative Strength Index Changing Direction and stop loss
Fast Stochastic Oscillator Crossing
Slow Stochastic Oscillator Crossing
Fast Stochastic Oscillator Cross/Rising
Slow Stochastic Oscillator Cross/Rising
Fast Stochastic Oscillator Cross and stop loss
Slow Stochastic Oscillator Cross and stop loss
Fast Stochastic %K Change Direction
Slow Stochastic %K Change Direction
Directional Movement
N Day Filter
Bollinger Bands
X-Y Day Filter 
%Gain - Loss Filter
Williams Early Entry

Williams Late Entry
Williams Change Direction
Chaikin Change Direction
Combined Strategy

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