Stock Predictor - Investment Strategy Performance Analysis

Stock Predictor allows you running an investment strategy on a predefined group of stocks in a selected time period and generate an investment performance report.

Investment Strategy Performance Analysis Report

This is a sample screenshot of a statistical analysis of an investment strategy based on placing buys when RSI(6) is changing direction to an upward while being less than 50 on an absolute value and placing sells when RSI(6) chenges direction to downward while being greater than 50 on an absolute value scale

The strategy was back-tested on a group of stocks in the period starting on 04/17/00 and ending 04/25/01 with zero commission price

"Cumulative performance" means all money from the sale are reinvested in the same stock, "Summarized performance" means fixed sum is invested at each buy and additionally buy-an-hold results are presented.

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