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FMBN F&M Bancorp FBAN F.N.B. Corporation
FFIV F5 Networks Inc. FTUS Factory 2-U Stores, Inc.
FDCC Factual Data Corp. FAIM FairMarket, Inc.
FALC FalconStor Software, Inc. DAVE Famous Dave's of America,
FRGO Fargo Electronics, Inc. FARM Farmer Brothers Co.
FFKT Farmers Capital Bank Corp FARO FARO Technologies, Inc.
FAST Fastenal Company FSST FASTNET Corporation
FBSS Fauquier Bankshares, Inc. FTHR Featherlite, Inc.
FSCR Federal Screw Works FDTR Federal Trust Corporation
FEIC FEI Company FFDF FFD Financial Corporation
FFLC FFLC Bancorp, Inc. FFWC FFW Corporation
FBCE FiberCore Inc. FTGX FiberNet Telecom Group
FBST Fiberstars, Inc. FBCI Fidelity Bancorp Inc. DE
FSBI Fidelity Bancorp, Inc. FFFL Fidelity Bankshares, Inc.
FFED Fidelity Federal Bancorp LION Fidelity National Corp.
FNIS Fidelity National Informa FITB Fifth Third Bancorp
FILE FileNET Corporation FNIN Financial Industries Corp
FISI Financial Institutions FWHT FindWhat.com
FLBC Finger Lakes Bancorp, Inc FNSR Finisar Corporation
FINL Finish Line, Inc. FMST FinishMaster, Inc.
FNLY Finlay Enterprises, Inc. FIRE Firepond, Inc.
FACT First Albany Companies In FAVS First Aviation Services
FBNC First Bancorp FBEI First Bancorp of Indiana
FBSI First Bancshares, Inc. MO FBTC First BancTrust Corporati
FBBC First Bell Bancorp, Inc. BUSE First Busey Corporation
FCAP First Capital, Inc. FCFS First Cash Financial Serv
FCTR First Charter Corporation FCNCA First Citizen Bancshr. NC
FCZA First Citizens Banc Corp. FTCG First Colonial Group,Inc.
FCBP First Community Banc./CA/ FCBC First Community Bncshrs.
FCGI First Consulting Group, I FDEF First Defiance Financial
FESX First Essex Bancorp, Inc. FFBZ First Fed. Bancorp, OH
FFBH First Fed. Bancshs. of AR FFKY First Fed. Fin. Corp.(KY)
FFBI First Federal Bancshares FFSX First Federal Bankshares,
FTFC First Federal Capital FFIN First Financial Bankshare
FFBC First Financial Bncrp./OH THFF First Financial Corporati
FFCH First Financial Holdings FFHS First Franklin Corp.
FGHC First Georgia Holding FHCC First Health Group Corp.
FHRX First Horizon Pharmaceuti FFSL First Independence /DE/
FINB First Indiana Corporation FIFS First Investors Financial
FKAN First Kansas Fncl. Corp. FKFS First Keystone Financial
FMFC First M & F Corporation FMAR First Mariner Bancorp
FRME First Merchants Corp. FMBI First Midwest Bancorp
CASH First Midwest Financial FMSB First Mutual Bancshares
FNLC First National Lincoln FNFG First Niagara Financial
FNFI First Niles Financial FOBB First Oak Brook Bancshare
FLIC First of Long Island FPFC First Place Financial
FRGB First Regional Bancorp FSFF First SecurityFed Finc'l
FSLA First Sentinel Bancorp FSBK First South Bancorp, Inc.
FSNM First State Bancorp., NM FUNC First United Corporation
FVCX First Virtual Communicati KIDD First Years, Inc.
FBMI Firstbank Corporation FBNW Firstbank NW Corporation
FCFC FirstCity Financial Corp. FFDB FirstFed Bancorp, Inc.
FMER FirstMerit Corporation FSRV FirstService Corporation
FSTW Firstwave Technologies FIMG Fischer Imaging Corporati
FISV Fiserv, Inc. FSCI Fisher Communications
FLAG Flag Financial Corporatio FLML Flamel Technologies S.A.(
FAME Flamemaster Corporation FLDR Flanders Corporation
FLXS Flexsteel Industries, Inc FLEX Flextronics International
FLIR FLIR Systems, Inc. FLBK Florida Banks, Inc.
FFBK FloridaFirst Bancorp FLOW Flow International Corp.
FFIC Flushing Financial Corp. FMCO FMS Financial Corp.
FNBN FNB Corp. (NC) FNBP FNB Corporation VA
FNBF FNB Financial Services FMXI Foamex International Inc.
FCSE FOCUS Enhancements, Inc. FCCG Fog Cutter Capital Group
FONR Fonar Corporation VIFL Food Technology Service
FOOT Foothill Independent Banc FMTI Forbes Medi-Tech Inc.
FORG Forgent Networks, Inc. FORTY Formula Systems (1985) (A
FORR Forrester Research, Inc. FRTG Fortress Group, Inc.
FWRD Forward Air Corporation FORD Forward Industries, Inc.
FOSL Fossil, Inc. FUSA Fotoball USA, Inc
FDRY Foundry Networks, Inc. FPWR Fountain Powerboat Indust
FPIC FPIC Insurance Group, Inc FKKY Frankfort First Bancorp,
FSVB Franklin Bank NA FELE Franklin Electric Co.
FNFN Franklin Financial Corp. FRED Fred's, Inc.
FMKT FreeMarkets, Inc. SALD Fresh Choice, Inc.
FRDM Friedman's Inc. FBAY Frisco Bay Industries Ltd
FRNT Frontier Airlines, Inc. FTBK Frontier Financial Corp.
FSTP Frontstep, Inc. FFEX Frozen Food Express Ind.
FFHH FSF Financial Corp. FSII FSI International, Inc.
FCEL FuelCell Energy, Inc. FUJIY Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.
FULT Fulton Financial Corp. FNDT Fundtech Ltd.
FMDAY Futuremedia PLC FXEN FX Energy, Inc.
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