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American Express Company, together with its consolidated subsidiaries, is a leading global payments, network and travel company that offers its products and services throughout the world. Founded in 1850 as a joint stock association. Incorporated in 1965 as a New York corporation. Headquarters are located in New York, New York in lower Manhattan. Also has offices in other locations in North America, as well as throughout the world. It  has three reportable operating segments: Global Network & Merchant Services, U.S. Card Services and International Card & Global Commercial Services, and a Corporate & Other section, which are described below. Securities Exchange Act Reports and Additional Information is maintained at Investor Relations Web site on the Internet at http://ir.americanexpress.com

AXP makes available free of charge, on or through this Web site, annual, quarterly and current reports and any amendments to those reports as soon as reasonably practicable following the time they are electronically filed with or furnished to the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"). To access these, just click on the "SEC Filings" link under the caption "Financial Information & Filings" found on our Investor Relations homepage. You can also access our Investor Relations Web site through our main Web site at www.americanexpress.com by clicking on the "About American Express" link, which is located at the bottom of our homepage. Information contained on our Investor Relations Web site and our main Web site is not incorporated by reference into this report or any other report filed with or furnished to the SEC.


This page brings you external resources for AXP stock quotes, charts, news, earnings, American Express Company report, earnings and other AXP financial data.


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