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Diversified Services - Security & Protection Services

American Medical Alert Corp. AMAC
Armor Holdings, Inc. AH
Avalon Correctional Services, Inc. CITY
Checkpoint Systems, Inc. CKP
CompuDyne Corporation CDCY
Cornell Companies, Inc. CRN
Correctional Services Corporation CSCQ
Corrections Corporation of America CXW
DHB Industries, Inc. DHB
Diversified Security Solutions, Inc DVS
International Electronics, Inc. IEIB
Kroll Inc. KROL
LoJack Corporation LOJN
Magal Security Systems Ltd. MAGS
Napco Security Systems, Inc. NSSC
Pittston Company PZB
Protection One, Inc. POI
Security Associates International, Inc. SAI
Silent Witness Enterprises Ltd. SILW
STRATESEC, Incorporated SFT
Wackenhut Corrections Corporation WHC


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